AT the Original
DIY TEppanYaki

AT the Original DIY TEppanYaki

Our blend of traditional Japanese street food flair and interactive dining creates a distinctive experience for each diner, making every visit a flavorful adventure bound by no recipe but your own.

The Global Rise of Pepper Lunch

Starting on the bustling streets in the outskirts of Tokyo nearly three decades ago, Pepper Lunch embarked on a culinary journey, blending traditional Japanese cooking with a modern do-it-yourself dining experience. We have since spread the sizzle to millions of food enthusiasts across three continents. Join us and relish in the distinctive sizzle that has captured hearts globally!

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Currently serving California, Nevada, Texas, Guam, Vancouver, BC, and (coming soon) Arizona, Florida, and Hawaii!



Experience a culinary journey where you're the Master Chef. Our signature hot plates arrive at your table heated to a perfect 500-degrees Fahrenheit, setting the stage for a meal that's as enjoyable to create as it is to eat.

Step 1
Begin your culinary experience with the signature sizzle of Pepper Lunch. As the hot plate arrives to your table, a canvas of fresh, uncooked ingredients awaits your touch. The sizzle is not just a sound, but an invitation to engage, to create, and to personalize.
Step 2
The essence of your meal comes alive with a simple stir. Blend the ingredients on the hot plate, melding the flavors together. This step is about interaction and engagement, making every meal at Pepper Lunch a personal culinary journey.
Step 3
Now comes the flavorful twist—choosing your sauce. Our signature sauces are crafted to enhance and harmonize with the natural goodness of your meal, adding that extra zest that tantalizes the palate.
Step 4
Lastly, it’s time to revel in the masterpiece you’ve crafted. With every bite, savor the blend of textures and flavors, and the warmth of a meal cooked to your taste. This is the Pepper Lunch way, turning dining into a savory narrative that's uniquely yours.

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